Dr. Carlos Arbelaez was loving his powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting training when one day he decided to “try” Crossfit to let his body recover from the nagging injuries sustained while lifting heavy constantly. Since that fateful day the bug bit him, he has fully submerged himself in the sport and community. Crossfit has revitalized his body and sense of competition, reminding him of his wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu days when pushing his body to the limits was the norm.

As a strength athlete, Carlos’ main accomplishments include a USAPL Raw Washington State record in the squat, 2x top 25 USAPL Raw Nationals competitor, several 1st place finishes at local and state USAPL competitions, and one event win at the Empire Classic Weightlifting Open in 2016.

After obtaining his Weightlifting certificate in 2017 and CF-L1 in 2018, Carlos assumed leadership of the CFTO Barbell Club. After competing in powerlifting and weightlifting for over 6 years, Carlos now wishes to impart his knowledge to help develop other athletes’ strength in the Barbell Club. His transition to CrossFit wasn’t easy, but it helped that CrossFit incorporates so many elements of the highly technical Olympic lifts (the snatch and the clean and jerk). Because learning the ins and outs of Olympic weightlifting is very important to completing CrossFit workouts, Carlos believes he can improve athletes’ fitness by properly teaching them the art of moving a barbell from the ground to overhead. Don't worry though, he's still down to bust out some pull-ups and double-unders.

If you can’t find Carlos on the floor snatching or coaching, there is a good chance he’s in the lab. Professionally, he is doing his post-doctoral work at Amgen after earning his PhD in Immunology from the University of Washington.

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