"I can't thank my Buddy Rose enough!!"

                                             - Raymond Alfelor


For Ray, CrossFit actually started off as "supplemental" training for his very first Triathlon back in 2011.  It paid dividends as he finished in just over 2 hours; an impressive time for a Newbie as pointed out by his brother who was an IronMan.  The funny thing is, the tables turned the year after where Triathlon training suddenly became supplemental to a continuing CrossFit regimen Ray focuses on today.  He loves the dynamic and spontaneous workouts that constantly challenge him in different ways.  There have been many personal fitness accomplishments he has achieved with CrossFit in the last 6 years but now eagerly wants to share it as a Coach.  He is giving back to CFTO what the Box gave to him:  Community, Personal Fitness Success, and Perseverance....all while having a load of FUN in the process!!!