My experience at CFTO has been incredible.   I have always been athletic and thought I was in good shape for a guy in his mid 50s. I play tennis weekly and up until a few years ago I played adult league baseball. I found myself losing endurance and strength, chalking it up to getting older. Sure it happens but I also got a wake up call at the doctors office. High blood pressure, high cholesterol and pre diabetes. I'm still taking meds to control these issues but my 3-4 days of crossfit every week helps with the effort. Better yet I'm in the best shape of my life. I lost 20 lbs in the beginning and have increased my strength and endurance. CFTO is a friendly place where all levels of strength and fitness are welcome. The classes are structured with coach led strength and fitness plans where the coach instructs the group and provides personal attention to those who need it.  Me, not being a self starter and unfamiliar with all the equipment, this attention was essential to my success. I highly recommend this place if you want to improve your strength,fitness and health and have a great time doing it. I have now been here for 2 1/2 years and still going strong. Check it out, tell them John sent you.