CFTO has been the boost I truly needed.  An avid rugby player for 17 years having hung up the cleats almost two years ago, I was feeling my age (38) and losing strength, quickness and endurance.  Less than 4 months ago, I found myself weighing 196 lbs. and unable to find the motivation to really put in the effort at the gym.  I would run and lift occasionally and was playing softball once a week, but it just wasn’t cutting it.  I gave CFTO a try.  My transformation came quickly, and I’m still improving daily.  I’m down to 179 lbs. and look like I did in my late 20s, except for the gray hair of course.  I’ve had to have several pants taken in, buy new clothes, and moved two belt notches.  The camaraderie and unique combination of teamwork balanced against individual progress measurement and spirited competition has truly been the fire I needed lit to stay motivated.  CFTO is family!