Brick by Brick, We Build Ourselves

     Many of the most successful businesses come from humble beginnings, and in the world of CrossFit, elbow grease is something that is used in generous amounts on a daily basis. So it's really no surprise that CFTO was founded within the modest space of a standard home garage. A determined patron of the CrossFit industry for over a decade, CFTO proudly holds its place as one of the first 100 CrossFit affiliates in the world. 

     CrossFit's values are rooted in the hard work and determination necessary to push the limits of oneself. Although these factors are largely dependent on individual growth, CFTO has mastered the ability to pay close attention to each member, while simultaneously building a perpetually stronger community within the box. The coaches are members at CFTO and are not shy about getting to know one another and welcome new faces. CFTO's goal is to give everyone the opportunity to realize both their mental and physical strength, and from there, generate the confidence to trust in their ability to improve and contribute to the improvement of their comrades. 

     With all of that said, some people still find themselves intimidated by the rumored intensity of CrossFit. Luckily, CFTO offers solid coaching and movement assessment to ensure members are working at a level that is both safe and beneficial for them. In the words of Jared Leto, "Try and Fail, but never fail to try." CrossFit Thousand Oaks is not a gym all about perfect success; it's about honest effort. If you never try something, you will never know if it is right for you. Failing is only motivation to improve. At CFTO, we want to encourage you to join us, and see if CrossFit changes your life the way it has changed ours.