Coach Jeremy is a personal trainer who fell in love with CrossFit for the fun of it all. Burdened by the monotony of normal weightlifting, he became addicted to the variety and the energy. Suddenly he was moving faster, lifting heavier, and incorporating gymnastic movements that he never could before. From the moment he got certified, coaching was his new passion and continues to be today. Jeremy has a passion for newcomers, underdogs, and people who never dreamed of being able to be active. At the end of the day, he loves his members to have fun and be energized while they break down personal barriers that they never thought possible.

As Head-Coach of CFTO, Jeremy pours all of his energy into his classes. He coaches and leads from the heart and truly has a desire to make CrossFit fun and beneficial for everyone. He wholeheartedly believes that CrossFit is for everyone, so whether you need a hard push to a new PR or simply someone to guide you through basic movement patterns, Jeremy is there to get you to your next level.