Jeremy and Chase

Jeremy Cousins and Chase Zacha are not the first guys that you would expect to be running a CrossFit Affiliate, and they wouldn't have it any other way. After becoming friends in CrossFit, they explored various other forms of fitness and fun including mountain biking, rock-climbing, hiking, and even Spikeball. It was these events that led them to the realization that fitness should be fun, plain and simple. CrossFit is a great way to get in shape and feel better, but it doesn't stop there. Jeremy and Chase wholeheartedly stand by the notion that there is a life to be lived and we are meant to go out and live it. They are the first to encourage you to go out and climb a mountain, get in the ocean, run a marathon, or simply go outside and play with your kids. They have set up CrossFit Thousand Oaks to aid you in your quest for a fun and fit life. Don't worry though, they're still not afraid to throw around some barbells, drag some tires, and push themselves to the limit inside the gym. Jeremy is the Head-Coach, so you'll typically find him leading classes and telling lame jokes. Chase is behind the scenes handling the business side of things but also loves to throw down with his friends in class. Along with their awesome team of coaches, they have set up CFTO to be a hub for community fitness at it finest.