Tuesday –

A. 5-6 Sets
A1. Thruster x2; working up to a tough set of 2 reps advanced continue to work squat clean thruster, rest 30 sec
A2. Weirghted Strict Pull Ups x4 reps, rest 60 sec [if they reach a max on pull ups, they can just keep working on building up thrusters]

1 set max rep Thruster at 70% of today's heaviest


3 min AMRAP; Rest 3 min after each;

1. 5x Thruster 95/65#
5x Kipping Pull Up

2. 5x Front Squat 95/65#
5x Kipping Pull Up

3. 5x shoudler to overhead 95/65#
5x Kipping Pull Up

start at worst movement first, then do 2nd worst, then best