Friday – 

A. One set every 3 min for 15 min [complete all the following in a 3 min period]

Front Squat 1 &1/4's x3 reps; working up to tough set
+ Strict/weighted Pull Ups x3 reps
+ Ring Rows x8 reps [adv = feet elevated]


for time;
10x Clean and Jerk @50% of max C&J
10x CtB Pull Ups
8x C&J 60% of max C&J
8x CtB Pull Ups
6x C&J 70% of max C&J
6x CtB Pull Ups
4x C&J 80% of max C&J
4x CtB Pull Ups
2x C&J 85% of max C&J
2x CtB Pull Ups