Tuesday –


A. 5 Sets 

A1. 3 position power Snatch

High Hang, below knee, floor

working up to about 70% of max, rest 30 sec


A2. Muscle Up Progressions x5-7

work on pulling on the rings/transition, 

or MU work, rest 60 sec


B. 3 Sets

Snatch Extension x5 reps @90% of max; 

one set every 2 min for 6 min 


C. 2 min on; 1 min off, AMRAP of; 

1. 2 min AMRAP

7x DB Thruster 

7x CtB Pull Up


2. 7x DB Thruster

7x Burpee


3. 7x Burpee

7x CtB Pull Up


4. 7x DB Power Snatch [switch arms as needed]

7x Single Arm DB Thruster [switch arms as needed]


Try to stick with Open weights 50#/35#